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Dear Friends,

Just over a year ago, we released our very first full length album, House of Candles. We were honored to receive not only the support of you, our friends and family, but to also release the album to critical acclaim from Noisey, No Depression, the Bluegrass Situation, Twangville, and more.

Post-release, we were fired up and inspired to get back in the studio and record some of the songs that we have been sitting on for years, as well as some new ones that came to life over the past year. We went back up to Matt Schimelfenig's studio in the Poconos to track another 8-song collection which we have decided to name Pyramid Theories.

For this record, we have an absolutely incredible team of creative people to not only get this music out to you in a thoughtful, beautiful way, but to also help us introduce even more people to our stories and sounds.

I'm so excited to share this music and these pieces with you. Many of these items will be handmade here in Harper's Ferry, WV, just for you to cherish and enjoy.

We are so excited to have you as our partners as we continue to create music and bring it to the world.

Thank you more than words can say,
Melissa and Danny
Mink's Miracle Medicine


* Please note that all items will ship when Pyramid Theories is released in the fall. Exact TBD. All packages include a digital download of Pyramid Theories.

Name in Liner Notes + Signed CD - $75

Your name will be listed in the liner notes of our CD and album art! You will also get a free autographed CD and a digital download of Pyramid Theories.

Solo Items

Pick and choose one or more of your favorite pieces if they aren't available as a package! All items come with a digital download of Pyramid Theories.

UPDATE 8/9/2018

Clips from the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian, underwater in Gettysburg, jumping on trampolines in Knoxville, TN, the Blue Plate Special, MindSpace DC, The Bull Pen DC. 

At this moment in record-production-time, Kelley is creating our poster and t-shirt design and we're waiting on screens to print some of the other pieces. Vinyl is going to be ordered very soon! Publicity has just started, with the help of Monica Hopman of ThinkPress, and we're booking more shows for the fall.  

UPDATE 7/13/2018

On July 1, we went up to Philadelphia, PA to have a photo shoot with the incomparable Jessica Flynn! We found cats! Special thanks to Goodwill for the styling. ;-) (Except for the pink sequin top which was a gift from Morgan Fink. Also wearing a ring from Anna Billman. Holding a crystal from the ground of Greenstone Fields.)

UPDATE 7/2/2018

I've always been drawn to words and language, and always look forward to sitting down with my guitar and crafting a story out of silence. I was so excited to craft this song commission for Andy and Amber last year, to celebrate their wedding. I grilled Andy for hints, stories, memories, and diffused them into this piece that I titled Amber's Song. I feel like it captures the simple beauty of love in day-to-day life, one that's motioned in eating a meal together, watching a movie, seeing the country, reading a book...

update 6/27/2018

When we arrived at the studio in the Poconos in January, there was snow on the ground. We had to shovel a path to get to the house, walked up the icy steps carefully, and started making music. On this trip I had decided one thing: to let go of an idea of myself that I was long holding on to but rarely able to achieve, and even then it was only for a fleeting moment. It decided that it was not my job to decide if people would like what I make....
It's just my job to create it.