Mink's Miracle Medicine

twang inspired

"...fittingly trippy..."
-- American Songwriter

"...Lead singer Melissa Elizabeth Wright seems to draw from a deep, soulful reservoir as she sings..."
-- NPR Music

"These are definitely some of the most memorable songs I've heard in ages."
-- No Depression
"...establishes Wright and Zezeski not just as talented and articulate, but smart enough to be willingly vulnerable in a genre that doesn't tend to reward legitimate emotions."
-- Noisey

Mink’s Miracle Medicine began in 2013 to explore the potential of sonic minimalism in country music. What could happen if each song was reduced to its purest form?: A telecaster guitar, weeping plucking and gliding over harmony, a simple three-piece drum kit crooning alongside, and above it, a singular powerful voice.

The idea birthed reality. Melissa Wright and Daniel Zezeski played their first show together to a packed show in a comic book shop. Since then, they have gone on to play all over the United States, indulging their deep-seated fascination with freight trains and cross-country road trips. Citing influence from artists like Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Neil Young, and The Beatles, their sound is raw, earthy and smells like a long and winding road that weaves around an undeniable longing, calling to mind early Tom Petty and shades of Patti Smith.